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Thank you for saying what many of us have known for years... there is little time to avoid the abyss.

The single greatest affront by US/NATO foreign policy was their ostracizing of Russia when it threw off the yoke of communism in 1992. Our 'leadership' squandered a priceless opportunity for all.

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Squandered? Our "leadership" is controlled by the people who invented communism. Their opportunity was, and remains, the opportunity to steal everything not tied down in Russia, rape all the women and steal all the children. They didn't squander anything.

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An interesting interview with famous Soviet dissident Alexander Solzhenitsyn in Forbes in 1994 that offers great insights:


The interview provides insights into the Russian mind that few have taken the time to explore in our nation. Insights that are helpful to understanding what is happening in Ukraine, why it's important to Russia and Putin. And it's not what the US and western governments are saying.

And it closes with a very curious statement, don't miss it.

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I read most and downloaded it as a PDF....interesting because of the same names that kept this policy alive.

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Jason, it's very important to connect the dots as you do. The powers that be who run the show for their own enrichment create and manage a handful of narratives, crafted for the masses under their thrall—narratives that purposefully leave the dots unconnectable. Should enough people connect the dots for themselves they would throw off these yokes of deception and cast the bums out.

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Here's a piece I put together some time back about Zelenskyy - "The people of Ukraine are the poorest in Europe, despite the fact that their country is extremely rich in natural resources. It turns out that the country is essentially run by a set of oligarchs, who get their money from frankly criminal enterprises, including human trafficking and outright theft. And at least one of them has taken over a factory at gunpoint, Ihor Kolomoyskyi, who got hit by US sanctions a year ago… and he’s the biggest supporter of Volodymyr Zelenskyy, the current President of Ukraine. Meanwhile, people’s lives are being destroyed in what looks like a battle between Russian oligarchs and Ukrainian oligarchs, and the people are either being driven off, killed, or subjected to poverty and privation. If Zelenskyy wins, his gang of oligarchs stays in power, and Ukraine is (relatively) free, so the people benefit in that way. But they’re still going to be robbed blind. If Putin and his Russian oligarchs win, the people will get screwed six ways to Sunday, the country will be effectively colonized by Russia - and ruled by another rather worse rapacious criminal gang. As I said, it’s complicated." https://streamfortyseven.substack.com/p/its-complicated-zelenskyy-turns-out

And Putin has had his eye on Ukraine for a long time, figure for about 23 years, at least: https://tec.fsi.stanford.edu/docs/aleksandr-dugins-foundations-geopolitics If he were to get Ukraine, Moldova would be next on the menu, if he follows the route laid out by Aleksandr Dugin in 1997 - and it appears that he's been doing that since 2007. It turns out that Ukraine, in addition to having huge amounts of coal, oil, and natural gas, also has the largest deposit of lithium in Europe, as well as comparable amounts of rare earth metals, so it's not the people on top of the ground that Putin is fighting for, it's what lies beneath their feet, so this ends up being another war over non-renewable resources (see https://streamfortyseven.substack.com/p/some-more-good-reasons-to-not-buy for example). Of course, after the massacres of innocent civilians at Bucha and Irpin, it has been my steadfast belief that Putin's forces must be stopped and driven from the country - and prosecuted for war crimes.

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Its a resource game, as always....

Putin is not going to lose... just because, in the end, he has better psychopathic leadership.

Ukrainians had best make peace with leaving it all behind.

The US is not going to save them.

Escalation-de-escalation tactics is not going to exhaust Russia at this point, IMO.

CCP-Russia are about to destroy the world monetary system...(and they got allies to follow through with.) They are gang of thugs...and willing to endure pain in the short-term, but will be satisfied by Western/US pain for the foreseeable future.

US has made a world of enemies (15-20 countries) that are not all poor and small. Getting involved in all these wars, always, and without exception, weakens the country to the point, you lose everything.

We have played the UK disruption (chaos) around Russia for a long time. But that only made it easier for Vladimir Putin to reaffirm the need to do the Dugin plan. The West created the dynamic in moving east after 1991. Making enemies again with Russia, post-communism, was not a good plan if anyone thought the Chinese ever stopped being Communists.

Meanwhile, the US gave up its a large share of manufacturing and tech to China. MNCs are run by compromised or aligned to China. They rarely bite the CCP hand.

And, we are run by psychopaths too! How are we gonna fight for these DC people (that HATE us, and want us under surveillance like cattle) against these two nuclear-armed and highly dangerous powers? Russia's economic is on par or better than Germany's or Japan. We are really in pickle.

I did a resource analysis on Ukraine monetarily, and most spots on the world.


The Bloodlands is a good book on this area of the world.

We are listening in a book club on it.

Ultimately, I am an isolationist. World policing and managing the UK's long-standing foreign policy is not a successful strategy. The damage though is nearly complete. We can't even pretend teach morality or values to anyone. We have transgender & Godlessness being promoted and preachers and pro-lifers arrested for actual peaceful protests.

So, Ukraine isn't even a 3rd level problem in my world view. But by making it a 1st level problem, the US has damned itself into another chaotic war and mess.


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Another very interesting bit of research that informs and offers great insights about Russia, Ukraine and the west.

The Hitler-Stalin pact : discussion of the Non-Aggression Treaty and the secret protocols

McGiIl University, Montreal, 1992

https://www.researchgate.net/publication/234008336_The_Hitler-Stalin_pact_discussion_of_the_Non-Aggression_Treaty_and_the_secret_protocols (.pdf available for free download)

This research thesis provides important details to understand how Fascism and Marxism align very closely together, different sides of the same authoritarian coin. Both consider western liberal capitalism and democracies their shared enemy, both despise individual freedom and liberty. If not for the egos and other agendas and ambitions of the two leaders the world would've likely succumbed to that authoritarian alliance over eighty years ago. As it stands, the paper makes the point that the United States took over the role of Fascist Nazi Germany with its defeat. And Ukraine has been in the center of global affairs for a long, long time.

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We are living that right now....cohesion of both Fascism-Marxism.

We imported in Nazis by the dozens to the CIA and other departments. Many landed in Boston. I even got an old list of all the people (60+) that were sheltered there.

I downloaded the paper. Thanks for more reading I barely can get into! 😂

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5 September 2010 The Imperial Anatomy of Al-Qaeda. The CIA’s Drug-Running Terrorists and the “Arc of Crisis”

Part 1 examines the origins of the intelligence network known as the Safari Club, which financed and organized an international conglomerate of terrorists, the CIA’s role in the global drug trade, the emergence of the Taliban and the origins of al-Qaeda.


Zbigniew Brzezinski Taliban Pakistan Afghanistan pep talk 1979

In 1979 Carters National Security Advisor, Zbigniew Brzezinski went into Pakistans border regions with Afghanistan to give a little pep talk to some prospective majehadeen (Holy Warriors).


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Interesting background on Chase (ALWAYS that F-ing BANK!) the Arc of Crisis....BOOM!

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Thanks for sharing this.

Corbett Report is pretty good on all things 9/11 linked, including the Zbigniew pep talk.

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RUSSIAsteria: Top 20 Ukraine Memes (2022 Compilation)

- Ukraine (NAZI to see here...), Ukraine conflict, US-NATO Ukraine policy, Nordstream 2, and sanctions on Russia summed up by the top 20 COVID memes posted over the last year and a half!


RUSSIAsteria: Top 20 Zelensky Memes (2022 Compilation)

- The top 20 Zelensky and Zelensky corruption memes posted over the last year!


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I've been trying to write my own piece on Ukraine, being that part of my family is from there. The trouble is, I don't have all the facts because most of the people who saw it first-hand have died off. My Grandmother died around 1987, and I'm not even sure she was born there or was a first generation American herself. She always said she was from "White Russia" which might be Belarus, although that's not what I found out later on. Regardless, her family fled that region because it sucked trying to live under medieval style oppression.

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Go to war news 24/7 , and pay attention to Mcgregor and Ritter for all the details and real history.

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extremely important:


Dr Astrid Stuckelberger, Todd Callender, Ann Vandersteel

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I do not pay any attention at all to Mike Adams any longer as he is just another sham artist and BSer ? Everything he says and does is to rpomote his junk he sellsas he gets far richer ! All ofm to is dorected at greter fools who know nothing at all about anything. He does put out some good info but a lot of sales hype junk as well and has zero credibility now !

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not sure to which comment you are responding, the link I've send is not about Mike, whom you try to smear completely unjustified! Totally stupid.

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Oh Geeeze GMAFB. You say it's the same regardless of the parties running it... That's because you are identifying the WRONG PARTIES. The real parties are The Gentiles and the Khazarians. THINK ABOUT IT

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I got through this article and agree with it while suffering the author's rotten attitude which, in the end, does he admit?,does nothing to enhance the presenration of his pov.

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Lieberman...Applebaum...Brzezinksi...I'm sensing a pattern here. (But we're not supposed to talk about it.)

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At this point, what's most important is that the UK and US are living up to the Budapest Memorandum, NATO is coughing up the resources to help put Stalin 2.0 in the dumpster where he belongs, and that Ukraine is becoming a power in Europe, right alongside Poland, the Baltics, etc.

If Zelenskiy takes the path I think he will, he will continue pressing the west for weapons until Putin's little gonads are hanging on a fence post. Then I'm guessing he will politely tell Klaus Schwab and Davos to please fuck off but you are all welcome to do do legitimate business with Ukraine. Zelenskiy started as a puppet, completely, but after witnessing his country being torn apart and cities leveled in a Stalinesque repeat of attempted Ukrainian genocide, I doubt very much he will allow any limp-waisted manicured Euro- or Amero-trash globalists to waltz in for a Kyiv land grab.

Ukraine was and will be again, the "Germany" of Eastern and Central Europe. Ukraine produced for the USSR as substantially as Germany has been doing for Western Europe. All Ukraine needs is non-predatory real business partners who are not trying to assume Ukrainian assets for an 80% discount.

Ukraine is my second home, for several years. Never ran into any Nazis, just good people trying to get a leg up on life after living in a prison colony twelve time zones wide. Can't blame anyone for that but maybe one of THE most corrupt entities on Planet Earth...our great Beltway mafia and its Wall St. Raiders. Never met a war they didn't create or like to profit from.

Ukraine's corruption is waaaaaayy downstream from the headwaters of corruption which flow from most global financial centers.

You already know that though.

So, consider checking out Ukraine, post-Putin. There will be plenty of opportunities to get involved in their post-Soviet Rennaissance.

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Why do all the Putin toesuckers feel the need to say "well, I'm not saying that Putin is a good guy, but..", or, "I'm not a Putin supporter, but"...

Let's put it yhis way..Ukraine has been FUCKED OVER by the USA and the west several times since the 1930's when Wall St and Washington were trying to do business with STALIN.

Patton knew the score.

Eisenhower knew the score.

Ukraine has Made in USA tire tracks all over her back from being run over by OUR oligarchy.

Does anyone on the religious right bitch about the 100's of billions we've shoveled into Israel since WW2? NOPE.

Let's defund Israeli foreign aid since they DON'T need the money and try paying the bill fir the abuse we've perpetrated on Ukrajne in our quest to suck up to Russia for the oligarchy.

China is the same scenario. Sell out yhe Vhinese people for cheap labor which enriches the oligarchy.

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Vanyam, people like yourself, make that the need. Bad actors come in all flavors.

This article was not a complete walk through time...but I am glad you understand that.

Russia, under communism, back to the Ukrainian Kulaks and starvation was evil as hell.

Recently, a group of us, are reading Bloodlands.


You bring up Israel. You bring up China.

I have zero love for the CCP. I was pissed at the gutting of America back when China was sending poisonous dog/cat food to our shores. Did anyone do anything about it? Nope. That was 15 years ago plus.

No one sold OUT the Chinese People. The oligarchs you mentioned fuck over everyone everywhere. (Putin's an oligarch. Zelenskyy, what pray tell is his background?)

I notice the Chinese haven't dared to rise up against their masters (CCP) anymore than US citizens have. Do you noticed that?

NO ONE has determined that they'd rather die fighting than slowly submitting..... propaganda from Bernays to Netflix keeps people in line. (And the Oligarchs know it...post 2008, the Obama admin (courtesy of some no-name Neocon removed the propaganda restrictions, the Smith-Mundt act. Not that the propaganda wasn't bad already...but now it is militarized to demoralizing impact.)

Eisenhower knew the score AFTER Dulles Bros (and their Sis) had fucked him over. He knew it too late. The Antony Sutton information is not lost on me. Wall STREET made both STALIN & HITLER.

And Switzerland (BIS) was happy to store Nazi gold during WW2.

Are you understanding that Switzerland is the heart of many evils as well? That so-called neutrality that conveniently allows BAD ACTORS to screw us all. (Even as an intermediary cut-out)

How much do you want to trek down memory lane about all the ifs and buts?

We had ALL better get clear about the PRESENT. And the most recent stuff has to be analyzed. And we best make a Goddamn decision about WHO WE ARE & WHAT WE ARE WILLING TO FIGHT FOR.

Sounds as well like you despise a few folks and have a pro-Ukrainian point of view. As if throwing $100 billion now is somehow any better than the $100s of billions in the past. I guess if we put it that US currency isn't worth what it once was, we should throw another trillion at corrupt Ukraine and just roll the dice that some stupid fool doesn't actually start WW3.

Sunk cost.

I actually can care about throwing money down a sewer to countries that backstab us, but who approves all that? Congress. Who actually determines where it goes? The Agencies - if you look at grants/awards/contracts.


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I am astounded at how slow, dumb and fat the American people acrually are ? It never ceases to amaze me how nuch they will tolerate such atrocities as it ll comes tumblng down right before them a it is now ! Wake up maybe if you still can and how many fell for the CV scam and took the vax or more ? Where is our common sense and simple courage to call a spade a spade ?

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You're right, for the most part. This American learned very little from this article since it was already part of my basic understanding of what is happening in Ukraine. But for most of my fellow Americans, they are fat, dumb and happy to buy whatever our media is selling them.

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Well one has to reiterate over and over towards some ability see what is a terrible geopolitical strategy based on DC lies and deceits. SNAFU.

I myself was too busy to even acknowledge Ukraine in 2014. (I stopped watching nearly all media for 5 plus years. And when I came back online in 2016...the crazy was a shock n awe moment.)


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