Episode 165: The Price of LibertyListen now (10 min) | Is to Remain Forever Vigilant
Them Guide Stones, No More. Humanity Gets A Win Today.
Episode 164: Bank of Japan or Bust?Listen now (33 min) | Probably haven't heard much about the Bank of Japan. So here are a couple of articles to bridge that knowledge gap…
Episode 163: McAfee ReduxListen now (52 min) | March 16, 2020 Rebroadcast
SCOTUS Decision is here. Facts of the Case According to the Majority opinion, this transpired: For over seven years, no one complained to the Bremerton…
Episode 162: Until Justice Is DoneListen now (33 min) | As I said, there are already forces positioning not to prosecute in Illinois. As I mentioned as well, some have came through their…
Choose Your Character: Western Collapse or Revolution?Watch now (52 min) | References in the Video https://www.zerohedge.com/markets/would-be-crossing-rubicon-boj-about-own-more-half-all-jgbs…
Episode 161: Republican ProblemListen now (70 min) |
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